Who we are

We are an authentic, relevant, Bible-based church that
welcomes everyone and desires to grow and serve together


We want you to be comfortable when you visit the Crossing Church. You can come dressed up or dressed down – whatever is the most comfortable for you and your family. We’re more concerned with giving you a space where you can explore this thing called faith and find a place willing to walk alongside you on your journey.


Our goal for each service is that it be fun, creative, and relevant to your life. Our services begin with high-energy worship and are followed by a creative and powerful message from a member of our teaching team. Each service allows you to encounter God and equips you for the week ahead.


We believe in a strong family unit, however that looks for your family. We offer a wonderful and age-appropriate experience for your kids each week – they’ll be begging to come back each week! If you’ll be visiting us you can even pre-register your kids for safety and security and save yourself some time when you arrive.

Before You Visit


Get answers to some common questions about visiting The Crossing

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What We Believe

Find out what we teach and what we believe by looking at our articles of faith.

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Meet Our Staff

Having some familiar face is always a good thing.  Feel free to talk to any of our staff on your visit.

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