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Commitment Weekend – March 12/13, 2016

As we move forward with ministries that invest in current and future generations. Click here for a message from Finance Chairman, Jeff Alexander.

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  • FORWARD TOGETHER is an initiative that consolidates annual fundraising for the entire vision of The Crossing Church, rather than individual ministries and visionary projects.
  • It is an annual presentation of the projected funding requirements, sharing the needs of missions, facilities, properties, local and everyday ministries.
  • It is the mechanism by which your church leadership will prepare the budget plan for each fiscal year, using the estimated giving amounts as the basis for the overall plan.
  • It is a combined effort that involves staff, lay leadership, and the entire congregation in the vision and needs of the church.
  • The estimates you provide are not designated giving pledges to a specific area of ministry. Rather, each dollar enables every ministry area, vision and operation of CCON.  You may, however, still designate a gift to a special area of interest at the time of giving.

 What is the Reason for FORWARD TOGETHER?

  • FORWARD TOGETHER simplifies annual fundraising to a single event rather than multiple “asks” throughout the year for building, missions and other projects that are not part of the normal operational budget.
  • FORWARD TOGETHER encourages new givers to start giving whatever they can right away instead of committing to tithing followed by additional campaigns for building, missions and other projects. It does NOT mean that special, or unforeseen needs that arise during the year cannot be promoted if deemed appropriate or necessary.
  • Every giver, no matter how large or small his/her gift, is a participant in our church community. By giving ANY amount, you are actively participating in the ENTIRE mission of the Church.
  • FORWARD TOGETHER makes the process of church finances simpler and friendlier to both long time members, as well as new members and attendees.

How Can You Help?

In March, we will be asking everyone to evaluate their giving plan and provide an estimate of what God is calling you to commit in support of The Crossing Church ministries from April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.  This will be a combined total for:

  • Tithes (Weekly / Biweekly / Monthly)
  • Missions (Faith Promise)
  • Building Vision Funding

We ask that you prayerfully seek what God is asking you to do in your tithes and over and above offerings for each of these areas.

Forward Together Brochure

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