Navajo Nation Trip Report

Nazarene Navajo Nation Ministry
December, 2011

It takes many helping hands and open hearts to pull off an outreach effort such as our District Navajo Nation Ministry each year. This ministry has a huge impact in the lives of so many families that it’s impossible to report statistics of how many are blessed. I do know that we had 33 volunteers wrap gifts, another nine volunteers help load the semi, and a team of seventeen who spent a three day weekend delivering the gifts and unloading the semi.

Delivery Team members:

  • Pat Barker
  • Maysel Barker
  • Marty Doyscher
  • Nikkole Guildner
  • Arlene Heffner
  • Tanya Ilela
  • Teaggan Ilela
  • Susan Lewis
  • Pastor Janette Mikatich
  • Jeanne Nelson
  • Lisa Sherlock
  • Todd Sherlock
  • Dan Shern
  • Roseli Shern
  • Barb Totten

There were also those who joyfully purchased the 145+ gifts that were sent from our church and countless others who give faithfully to Faith Promise. Your generosity makes it possible for us to send in a monetary contribution to the District to purchase the bulk bags of specialty flour used for making Navajo tacos.

Thank you to everyone who made such a difference for our sister churches on the Navajo reservation and for those to whom the churches minister in their various communities. Enjoy the picture gallery and follow the ministry from the wrapping to the semi loading to the gift delivery. Then prayerfully consider joining the effort, whether again or for the very first time, as we do it all over again next year.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas,
Pastor Janette