Our Country

To fulfill our part of “The Great Commission” by assisting and serving those individuals in our country in order to be a beacon of Light to them.

Crossing Church members participated in the relief effort in Windsor, CO after a tornado struck.

Work & Witness trips within the United States: These include disaster response and relief work, assisting sister churches in times of need, continued work on the Navajo reservation and researching areas for potential ongoing involvement.

National Emergency Relief Team: This team responds to emergencies outside of the Denver metro area, but within the United States. The impetus for this ministry came from our church’s initial relief efforts in responding to Hurricane Katrina in September of 2005.

Navajo Nation Ministry: The CCON missions team supports our Navajo brothers and sisters by participating in our District’s Nazarene Navajo Nation Ministry (www.nazarenenavajoministries.org).