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The Crossing Church

My name is Jody Frampton
I LOVE my church. I have never felt as home as I do here. I am so thankful to have my church family. Pastor Brian… when he preaches if feels like you are just talking to a friend. Not being talked down to or being preached at. The Crossing Church has helped me find a piece of myself that I didn’t know I was missing. It is a wonderful place to be and it just feels right! My heart if full.

My name is Juan M Ramirez Jr. 
I began attending The Crossing Church when I was struggling with an alcohol addiction just a few years ago. One of the Pastors on staff had also struggled with alcohol and with his help and God’s healing, I was able to stop drinking.  Pastor Brian’s sermons on life’s daily challenges helps to keep me strong on my reliance on God.  Today, I have a choice and I choose to live under God’s power and not my own.

My name is Ruby Vigil
My husband, Andrew, battled cancer for over ten years and was placed in hospice in the Winter of 2013. Pastor David came to our home to share the gospel with my husband, and he accepted Christ only a couple of weeks before he died in December of the same year. The church offered a program called GriefShare for those who have lost loved ones. I began attending GriefShare and bonded with many ladies in the program, and as a result began attending Pastor Brian’s Bible study class on Wednesday evenings.  I just started attending church services in March of this year and have really enjoyed learning about God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ.  Pastor Brian challenges me with each sermon and I feel like the church really does care about me. 

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